We started 2017 as a small record label in Winterthur, Switzerland. Our mission is to put out on vinyl what's needed to be puten out. Basically the stuff we do at MK 193 wich is a conglomerate of a bunch of musicians and Bands. We run a full analog Studio with an 8 Track 1/2 inch high precision Revox Machine, a nice old Harrison Desk and a brilliant 1/4 inch Studer A80 for mastering. We spend a lot of time for searching for the right mik in the right spot (of wich we already know some) instead of adding a lot of EQ and other stuff we don't understand. We are home for Kingdom of Kaffa, an East-Africa-Funk Project, Weldon Otis a westindies Reggae Singer and the Reggae Pretenders. We record analog to tape for friends and others and sometimes we put that out on TWR as well.


TWR 001: Kingdom of Kaffa: Dawa ya moto ni noto/Bonga Chi'fera
TWR 002: Kingdom of Kaffa: Chi'bi'cheba/Gojeb flows into Omo
TWR 003: Kingdom of Kaffa: K'ut'iri/Yeduri Tikusati
TWR 004: Cheekbonians: In the Crowd/Crowded Dub
TWR Tape 001: Cheekbonians: Side A: Hard Times, In the Crowd, Love Cats, Side B: Tough Girl, Puny Reggae Party, Crowded Dub.
TWR 005: Cheekbonians: Hard Times/Punky Reggae Party
TWR 006: The Reggae Pretenders/Weldon Otis
TWR 007: Sheila Tetteh-Quaye: Miss Uncertainty
TWR 008: Kingdom of Kaffa: Ch'erek'a Bereha/Dibo di Bongo

You can hear Kingdom of Kaffa on Soundcloud or Bandcamp. And all the as yet released singles can be found on Youtube.
Cheekbonians Stuff can be heard here: Bandcamp.

You can find some more detailed info about our releases on discogs.


See pictures of the silk screening for some sleeves for the Cheekbonians Tape.

Silk screening Cheekbonians TapeSilk screening for Cheekbonians Tape


Have a look at the Studio. We recently recorded with the Cheekbonians. You can have a look onto the mastering process:




If you like to record in our Studio, if you are interested in buying a buch of records or if you just like to congratulate us for the great work, feel free to write us: info@thatswhyrecords.com


By now, Bandcamp can do a lot more than every webshop we can build. So go there and find all the available records to buy.